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Driving Change from Within: How the Webster Foundation Impacts Our Community

October 04, 2023

When a business chooses to put down roots somewhere, it has a responsibility to care for its employees, their families, and the greater population in the community. 

Webster Industries, Inc. takes this responsibility seriously, which is why our predecessors launched the Webster Foundation back in 1975.

What Is the Webster Foundation?

Corporate foundations are started by businesses as a way for the organization as a whole to support causes that matter to them. They operate independently from the corporation itself to fulfill corporate social responsibilities, with a laser focus on the communities in which they operate. 

Because foundations are so committed to their local communities, they’re able to connect with local leaders and invest in specific causes that matter most to the community’s well being.

Corporate foundations encourage charitable giving, create ownership, and foster a sense of shared purpose and pride among employees, making the work that we do together everyday matter even more.

The Webster Foundation is fully funded by Webster Industries through profits and employee/owner contributions. The foundation is governed by a six-member board, which includes two current Webster employees. The Webster Foundation does not accept unsolicited requests. Written requests undergo a review from the board of directors who vote on whether or not to provide a donation. We take our role of stewarding our company’s charitable donations very seriously, seeking to match the passions of our employees with the areas of greatest need in our communities.

Our focus at Webster Industries has always been on American pride, American products, and the American people. We’re driven by the value to Always Do What’s Right. The Webster Foundation takes these values to heart and puts them into action through our charitable giving. Together, we give to the causes that we know are going to make a difference to the people of Tiffin, Ohio; Portland, Oregon; and Meridian, Mississippi.

What Does the Webster Foundation Support?

The Webster Foundation’s main areas of support are organizations that are involved with education, legal aid, and youth development in the communities in which we’re established. The Foundation is especially interested in supporting programs that are designed to serve children and young adults in Seneca County, Ohio.

Between 2018-2022, the Webster Foundation, Inc. has donated $289,243 to local charities, along with an additional $168,000 from Webster Industries, Inc.

Those dollars have made a positive impact on the lives of our neighbors, friends, and family members.

"We strive to make a difference not only in industry and with our employees, but also in the community as well," says Andrew J. Felter, President & CEO of Webster.

Learn more about what drives our business at Webster. If you’re interested in joining a well-established and growing company that is committed to improving the lives of both its employees and its community, explore career opportunities with Webster today.

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