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Efficiency, Productivity, Durability: The New OSB Combo Belt

July 19, 2023

The driving force of our business is being absolutely sure that the products and solutions we offer our customers are the best in the industry. This means we’re constantly on the lookout for new ways to make products stronger, more efficient, and more affordable for our partners… and less of an operational migraine for you.

My name is Shawn Shriver and as the Product Manager on this new offering, I'm excited to tell you how we can help tackle and resolve operational obstacles. Let me introduce you to our latest creation - the OSB Combo Belt. Say goodbye to operational roadblocks because we're here to help you power through them with ease.

Our client, Andy Scott, from Louisiana-Pacific Corporation had this to say about the new OSB Combo Belt: “Webster worked closely with us from the design stage to the install, which resulted in huge cost savings and less downtime. I highly recommend a Webster Combo Belt design for any OSB Green or Dry Flake Storage Bin.”

If you’re not ready to take Andy’s word for it, here’s what I think makes the Webster Combo Belt a great choice:

Webster’s New OSB Combo Belt Saves You Time

One of the prime features of our new combo belt is the WEBNUT hardware design with button head bolts, which reduces both installation time and maintenance downtime.

I love the combo belt’s new stiffener design, which makes it possible to remove it from either side without disassembling or removing the chain from the conveyor. This makes maintenance way easier.

When you do need to replace the belt, it can be shipped fully assembled in 15’ to 30’ strands, saving you and the folks on your crew hours of installation time.

New OSB Combo Belt Design Improves Durability

Due to our commitment to create stronger, longer lasting products, the OSB Combo Belt is a more durable option. Its oversized washers prevent hardware from pulling through the PVC belt.

Wear-and-tear is inevitable when it comes to the lifespan of your equipment, but there are ways we can keep wear-and-tear to a minimum so your equipment lasts longer. To address this, the pins on this belt are drilled for alemite grease fittings, which protect against catch points and allow for consistent lubrication.  Your equipment will run smoother as a result.  The constant lubrication also reduces the lubrication process significantly.

Finally, the head and tail shaft assemblies are available with a split sprocket design to optimize operation and keeps with the current theme of decreased installation and downtime.

Look at all the ways we’ve aimed to improve the durability of this important piece of equipment!

The Webster Combo Belt Is a Complete Kit Solution

All of these advantages and innovations come together in one complete package to deliver cost savings at every stage of the typical customer experience. 

Because this new product is a complete kit solution, you’ll cut costs for all of your purchasing, receiving, material handling, maintenance, and installation teams.

Webster’s Custom, Comprehensive Solutions Save You Time and Money

Circle back to that testimonial from our friend, Andy Scott—”Webster worked closely with us from the design stage to the install, which resulted in huge cost savings and less downtime.”

This isn’t just true for Andy, it’s also true for every one of our client relationships. 

As a one-stop-shop, Webster delivers custom, comprehensive solutions so you don’t have to explain your objectives a dozen different times to a dozen different people who are likely at some point to miss the mark on your project.

That’s too many opportunities for too many headaches.

Webster is in the headache elimination business.

If you have any questions about the OSB Combo Belt please shoot me an email at sshriver@websterchain.com. Let’s work together to eliminate one more headache in your operation’s needs.

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