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How Webster Has Substantially Reduced Lead Times

May 24, 2023

Over the last few years, demand for Webster Industries’ chains, sprockets, and vibrating equipment has doubled. During that time, our crews have reduced lead times by 50-70% across all product lines with approximately a 75% improvement on late orders.

In short, because our team is more efficient, your team gets what it needs to remain efficient.

How is this possible?

It takes a whole team approach to drive this improvement in productivity and efficiency.

Through operational excellence, you can trust Webster to deliver on significantly reduced lead times. This is done by using many best practices, such as:

  • Cross-Functional Teams
  • Healthy Culture
  • Strong External Partnerships
  • Today’s Automation Advancements
  • Better Process
  • Better Products
  • Culture of Continuous Improvement

Cross-Functional Teams Build More Efficient Practices

Our system can’t operate smoothly within a series of silos. 

Over the last couple of years, we’ve implemented cross-functional teams who listen to each other, understand how they impact each other, review data together weekly, and improve their processes to cut out root causes of frustration and open lines of communication.

Cross-functional teams build more efficient processes that allow for output of better products.  More importantly, they build better people.

Healthy Culture Means Greater Empowerment

“We show that we care,” Rick Breidenbach, Process Innovation Manager, said. 

“If I am walking through the plant, and someone has a question, they’re going to grab me because they know I care...and that just rolls into them caring.”

When your team feels appreciated with open lines of communication, their output naturally increases. We’ve encouraged greater transparency and feedback inside the shop, which has improved company morale and empowered employees to take ownership of their work.

Strong External Partnerships Eliminate Disruptions in the Supply Chain

Just as Webster’s customers depend on us for reliable inventory and order fulfillment, we depend on suppliers to come through with raw materials so we can deliver.

We invest in cultivating strong partnerships with suppliers who are fair and honor their commitments. This is built on trust and respect.

Our supply chain partners follow through on their commitment to us allowing Webster to follow through on our commitments to our customers.

Today’s Automation Advancements Paired with Good, Old Fashioned Hard Work

The kind of work we do still requires the old-school, traditional touch of hard-working folks who take pride in what they do. 

That doesn’t mean our shop can’t benefit from modern innovations. 

Automation - particularly robotic welders and bar feeders on our presses - has certainly supported our operations and will continue to assist us in the future, but when it comes right down to it, it’s all about the people.

Our employees who plan, develop and execute the processes are the ones who keep it all going. Whether they rely on automation, or the sweat and muscle of a vital team, our people are the key to our success.

Better Process Means Better Products…

“We’re not obsessed with the result. We’re focused on a process, and the results follows,” said Ron Ott, Director of Technical Services.

From recruitment and hiring to internal team meetings and quality control, Webster has invested significant time and energy into clearly articulating job descriptions, shift duties, and station instructions to streamline processes, reduce turnover, and increase our team’s morale and job satisfaction.

Our teams are continuously identifying where constraints exist. This teaches them the Theory of Constraints, all while increasing our manufacturing capabilities.

…And Better Products Mean Greater Customer Satisfaction

An empowered team executes a streamlined process that ensures a high-quality product; and a high-quality product only leads to greater customer satisfaction.

Culture of Continuous Improvement

“We’re just getting started!” said Dennis Doren, Vice President of Operational Excellence.

Webster’s management team is proud of the progress we’ve made. Part of building a healthy culture of employees means developing people who are eager to see their work flourish and grow. Our goal is to keep improving across all areas of our business so that we can continue delivering even more excellence to our customers.

Get Quality Chains, Sprockets, and Vibratory Equipment Faster with Webster

Webster’s teams are ready to deliver the chains, sprockets, and vibratory equipment you need to keep your business running efficiently. With a fine-tuned process and empowered employees, our products are Engineered to Excel. Give us a call at (800) 243-9327 or contact us to discuss your business’ needs.

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