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Gear Heads Wanted!

April 06, 2023

Did you know that you can start a career at Webster in our Link Weld Department with absolutely no formal welding training or experience? That’s right—we’re looking for mechanically minded individuals who are looking to join a team that has your growth and job satisfaction in mind. We invest in our employees, making sure they feel connected and equipped to do their jobs well. Our in-house training and development opportunities provide pathways for employees to pursue whatever goals to advance they have.

Is this the right kind of job for you or someone you know? 

Here are the kinds of characteristics people possess who are successful in this and other related skilled trades roles at Webster:

Problem Solving Skills

Mechanically minded people are really good at finding the root problem with machinery and equipment. Once the issue is diagnosed, they’re equally able to quickly determine the appropriate solution to repair it. When something is out of place, they can zoom into that spot and figure out how to fix it.

Hand-Eye Coordination

All of those hours spent playing video games, driving remote control cars, and hitting baseballs as a kid pay off when it comes to working in manufacturing. You probably didn’t know it at the time, but each of those activities sharpened your hand-eye coordination, a skill that allows you to work with precision and accuracy, which is especially important when working on small and intricate objects.

Technical Knowledge

Here’s where the “gear head” quality comes in. Some people are extremely gifted at understanding the way machines and equipment work. They can look at an engine and understand what it needs to connect with in order to run correctly. They can see the scope of the innards of a machine and process what needs to happen so that materials move from one end to the other. Physics, mathematics, and engineering—all of those tactical applications in school—are fields that come easier to you if you’re a mechanically minded person..

Attention to Detail

Partly due to their technical knowledge of how something works, mechanically inclined people are also keenly aware how a small flaw can completely derail the machine’s functionality. Their attention to detail works like a honing device; somehow, they just see the errors.

Practical Skills

Not everyone is good with their hands, but being able to manage hands-on skills is a huge advantage for those who are mechanically inclined. If you’re able to use tools and equipment efficiently and safely, those skills transfer over to other hands-on jobs, like soldering, welding, and drilling.

If this sounds like you, then you should explore an opportunity to join the Webster team. Learn more about how Webster works and apply today!

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