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Why Use Vibratory Conveyors

February 08, 2023

When you’re in the market for a new conveyor, one of the goals is to address some of the problems you are having with a conveyor that is down or under constant repair. If you find yourself constantly fixing a conveyor, it’s possible that you’re using the wrong conveyor for the material being handled.

Belt degradation, high-temperature materials, and environments or material spillage could be solved by replacing your belt conveyor with a vibrating conveyor.

What Is a Vibratory Conveyor?

Vibratory conveyors move material along a smooth continuous trough using vibration (either mechanical or electrical). Vibratory conveyors move material horizontally or at a slight incline. They are manufactured to be heavy duty, highly durable systems for the most demanding applications. They are relatively maintenance-free and thrive in various environments.

Vibratory Conveyors Prevent Spillage

Conveyor return tracks opposite the conveying side allows the material to spill. These pile-ups can obstruct moving parts from working properly. The results include decreased production, increased downtime, and unnecessary clean-up. Most concerning are safety hazards caused by material spillage.

The engineering of a vibratory conveyor keeps your material secured as it moves from point A to point B through the trough, saving time and energy cleaning up spilt debris. In addition to the trough containing materials, hoods can be added to keep dust and fines from exiting the conveyor.

Vibratory Conveyors Eliminate Premature Belt Degradation

Abrasive materials in extreme conditions can cause PVC or rubber belts to wear at an exponential rate, and high-temperature material can cause your belt to degrade prematurely. Premature belt wear and tear means far more downtime for your business every time you need to replace them. 

In contrast, the steel pans on a vibrating conveyor are manufactured to be heat- and wear-resistant. Liners can be added to specific locations to increase the pan’s thickness in impact zones or when conveying abrasive materials.

Additional Benefits of a Vibratory Conveyor

Vibrating conveyors provide you with the ability to sort different sized materials and discharge them in various directions. They require minimal lubrication and horsepower to run. They can be designed and engineered to fit in compact spaces where there is a limited amount of headroom. Balanced units are available to minimize vibration in sensitive areas such as optimization lines and overhead control rooms. Metal detection and multi-directional discharge of product contribute to increased profitability and purity of conveyed materials.


For years, Webster Industries has custom manufactured Webster/ACTION natural frequency vibratory conveyors. With a variety of different process features including screens, metal detectors, dividers, skirts, custom spouts, multiple discharge points, hoods, varying widths, and liners, vibratory conveyors are an efficient and adaptable bulk materials transport. Learn more about Webster’s vibratory conveyors and connect with us to discuss how a vibratory conveyor can meet the needs of your operation.

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