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Discover Opportunities to Use Your Training at Webster

September 15, 2022

When the time comes for employment after tech school, the thought of a job search often paralyzes grads. Fears about starting at the bottom fuels the belief that the job market won’t value their hard-earned skills. At Webster Industries, we work to flip this belief on its head; at Webster, recent graduates from tech schools go to work directly and apply their new abilities in real, meaningful roles.

Webster Values Students’ Experiences

At Webster, there is not a proving ground before skills are appreciated. Whether day one or day 500, we want skills in use and operating to maximum potential. It does not matter if it is welding, metal fabrication, or precision machining; students are able to put those skills, that they worked so hard to earn, to application on day one.

To ensure a smooth transition between the completion of a program and the beginning of their career at Webster, we work closely with the tech schools. We establish a partnership that allows access to guidance counselors and career advisors to communicate career opportunities at Webster that benefit both the students at the technical school and Webster Industries.

A Partnership A Cut Above

There is a reason we believe in students, and it’s the philosophy that sets Webster apart within the industry. We recognize that the hard-earned skills that new graduates acquired in school are the same skills that make up the fabric of what we do here at Webster Industries. We take great pride in American Labor, and we stand by our values when we hire students from tech schools to get started fabricating American Materials for Webster Industries.

Our ability to bring in recent tech school graduates reflects our confidence in the programs with which we partner. We know that a student benefits from the chance to immediately apply their skills, but we also know that we benefit, as well. Our workforce grows with fresh talent and advances to the next level of skill development faster.

The Advantages Grow Exponentially

We invest in students because they are the future of our business. For example, we work closely with Sentinel-Vanguard. First, we allow students in their junior year to come in and shadow for a week. They learn about their industry, and we get to know them. Then, we continue to work with them through the Advanced Placement Program as students in their senior year when they are given the responsibility to find an opportunity with local employers, within their area of concentration. We try to accept as many students as possible each year, and at the end of the school year, many of the Advanced Placement students are offered full-time positions at Webster.

We strive to meet future employees at a nascent point in their careers and guide them through to a permanent role. In this way, we embrace the chance to develop our workforce firsthand while they have a career path ready to follow. It truly is a win-win situation.

Don’t hesitate to explore our current openings, particularly if you still attend tech school. 

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