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Is Your Employer Making You Crazy?

July 28, 2022

There’s no denying it, every job has its bad days, days when everything that could go wrong does, and you’re left at the end of your shift feeling exhausted, frustrated, and burnt out. It happens everywhere, sometimes.

But it shouldn’t happen all the time. 

There are some places where bad days are baked into the company’s culture. When something goes wrong, it isn’t just human error, it’s a reason to get reamed out. What should have been a simple work correction to fix what you did turns into a judgment of who you are. That kind of company culture bleeds into sales and leads to fewer jobs, less work, temporary shutdowns, and threats of layoffs. Do you feel like you’re always looking over your shoulder, waiting for the other shoe to drop? On your long commute home to the job you’ve begun to hate, how much time do you spend rehashing what the boss said today? How long will it take to come down and be able to enjoy your family? 

And on top of everything else, when’s the last time you got a raise?

With as many opportunities out there to work in great companies right now, there’s really no reason why you need to put up with the kind of disrespect, uncertainty, and outright toxicity that makes up some workplaces. 

The Webster Difference

Webster Industries is right here in your community, giving you more time to do the things you want outside of work. With work orders lining up and ready to be processed, the work isn’t going away any time soon, so you can forget about the threat of layoffs and shutdowns.

Webster is an employee-owned company, which means we are all in this together for each other’s success, the success of our community, our families, our business, and ourselves. That means investing in each other by providing well paying jobs and paving the way for professional development. If you want to grow as a person, Webster will help you make it happen. 

A healthy work environment is a place where people feel appreciated and connected. We want to reward our employees for their hard work and dedication while also cultivating a workplace that respects and appreciates each individual. 

If you’re ready to escape a toxic work environment, Webster has a job for you. Explore our current openings and learn more about the comprehensive benefits available to you when you join the Webster team.

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