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What Webster Does

July 26, 2022

There’s a purpose for every product that is made in America, and yet we often have no idea what is being built in our own backyards. Webster Industries right here in Tiffin, Ohio, is proud to be a member of the community of manufacturers and makers that are all doing their part to make the parts that move America. 

So, how does Webster Industries tie into the great big American story?

Webster Makes the Links that Move American-Made Products

Webster Industries services and manufactures engineered class chain, sprocket, and vibratory equipment for conveyor systems across the country. 

Conveyors are everywhere. Our products are used to move trees in the forest industry. They’re used to move pulp as it is transformed into paper. 

Our chains and sprockets move vehicles through the automotive assembly line to make the cars and trucks you drive. Our products are used to process the asphalt, aggregate, and cement that forms our nation’s roads and building products that make up the homes you live in or places you work. 

Webster products carry grain, sugar, water, and other essential food ingredients that you consume every day. If you’ve ridden a coaster, you’ve likely relied on a Webster chain to take you up that first giant hill. When all of the plastic, paper, aluminum, and glass in your community is ready to be used again, our products help process them at the recycling facility.

The fact is, if you need to move a raw material or finished product from one place to another, our chains, sprockets, and conveyor systems are probably making it happen.

The Right People Linked to the Right Jobs

With a whole world of products to move, Webster’s services are in high demand. We need more people who believe that the future of America is in our hands, people who are ready to invest in their local communities. 

At the same time, Webster believes in the importance of providing good jobs for people in our community, investing in our workforce, and working together to keep Tiffin a place where all families can flourish. With a comprehensive benefits package, hourly bonuses, voluntary overtime opportunities, a workplace culture that appreciates and promotes hard working individuals, and more, Webster aims to help people build strong and lasting careers.

Learn more about the products and services Webster offers, and explore job openings. You could be the connection that helps take Webster—and Tiffin, and the manufacturing world—to the next level.

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