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The Sky's the Limit: Career Growth Opportunities at Webster

May 24, 2022

Usually, when you start at a job, you expect to stay at your same hire-in rate and in your same position. Not at Webster! We love to incentivize our team and reward hard work where it’s due. Here are some of the growth opportunities and additional pay perks (aka “adders”) we offer:

Welders: +$2/hour Adder

If you are a Webster-qualified welder, you are eligible for a $2 adder. In order to qualify, you don’t have to be certified from anywhere else, just by Webster. If you’re interested in welding but don’t have a welder certification yet, you can still apply and be hired as a welder. We’ll provide onsite training; all you have to do is pass the weld test to earn the extra $2.

You don’t even have to work in the welding department. If you’re working in a different department at Webster and would like to make more money, welding is a great way to cross-train and earn those extra bucks. Any department is eligible, as long as you can pass the weld test. This extra training gives you the ability to help as needed within your existing role at that $2 adder rate.

If you’re interested in welding, tell a supervisor or manager, and they’ll help you get started!

Group Leader: +$2/hour Adder

The Webster Group Leader is an employee that serves as a direct extension of the supervisor. Not every position qualifies for group leader, but quite a few do. Group leaders allocate and distribute work as well as train and advise employees in their group in the performance of their work. Don’t let power get to your head; as a Group Leader, you don’t have authority to hire, fire, discipline, or recommend a change in status for other employees. Group leaders continue doing their regular production jobs but receive a $2/hour adder for supporting their supervisor.

Typically, Group Leaders are identified by their supervisors and managers based on their work ethic and attitude. If you’re interested in this role, it might be something to bring up in one of your regular employee reviews.

Facilitators: Up to 10% Pay Increase

We strongly believe that leadership on the shop floor makes a huge difference in team performance and camaraderie. That’s why we invest in our facilitators—people who help our new employees become acclimated to Webster by answering any question they have and directing them to the appropriate supervisor or manager if they need specific guidance.

Shift Premiums: $2/hour for 2nd and $1/hour for 3rd

Most people’s preferred shift is first, so at Webster, we want to honor the sacrifice it takes for people to take on second- or third-shift positions by paying a shift premium. Make more doing the same job… just at a different time of day.

Apprentice to Journeyman: $4.40/hour, plus .78/hour for Additional Training

Individuals who enroll in the apprenticeship program at Webster are eligible for a significant raise upon completion of their certification. Journeymen at Webster earn an additional $4.40/hour on top of their base pay. Established journeymen can continue to increase their earnings by enrolling in additional training programs. For each additional training completed, you can earn an additional .78/hour.

As you can see, opportunities abound at Webster to earn more and grow in your career. We also believe that strong talent can come from within. There are opportunities for internal promotions and lateral moves for those who want to stretch their legs in new roles. All positions are posted internally, and current employees are always able to apply for these positions. 

Explore our current openings or read more about how you can advance through the ranks at Webster!

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