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Journeyman Opportunities at Webster

May 17, 2022

There are two routes you can take to make your way as a journeyman at Webster Industries: apply for an open journeyman position, or join the team in any role, then grow from there!

If you aren’t familiar with the term, a journeyman is someone who has completed extensive apprenticeship training in a particular field. When you’ve decided you’d like to become an expert in a skilled trade, the next step is to enter into an apprenticeship training program, where you combine in-class learning with on-the-job experience.

Webster takes pride in being a place where individuals who want to learn and grow can do so. Our apprenticeship program enables anyone in any position at our company to bid into the department where they hope to apprentice. Individuals need to work within that department for six months before they can be classified as an apprentice. This allows you and Webster to make sure that you’re both a good fit for one another, before you begin the program.

The state-level journeyman certification requires 8,000 hours of on-the-job training. What you learn in the classroom can be applied directly to the work you’re doing. The program takes about four years to complete. Once you’ve graduated and earned your state card as a journeyman, Webster gives you a $4.25/hour raise.

Even if there aren’t active apprenticeship opportunities available, you can demonstrate your interest in that kind of a role by enrolling in continuing education. Continuing education can start at any time. When an apprenticeship opens and you apply, those continuing education credits can be rolled over into your program.

Webster has opportunities for individuals to apprentice to journeymen in all of its departments: Tool & Die, Maintenance Mechanic, Maintenance, Electrician, Welders, and Machinists. We’re currently looking to bring on more welders who are eager to learn and grow with a well-established company with a new union.

Already Have Your Journeyman Certification?

If you’re already a state-approved Tool & Die Maker Journeyman, we are actively seeking to fill this position during the second shift.

Webster Industries has a strong reputation in the region. It offers a lot of avenues for people to make a lucrative career for themselves. If you’re interested in joining the Webster team, explore our current openings or read more about how you can advance through the ranks at Webster!

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