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Engineer Your Future at Webster

March 10, 2022

If you’re looking for a place to engineer your future in Northwest Ohio, Webster Industries has pathways for both product and process engineers to make a difference and use their skills.

Product Engineers at Webster

Product engineers prepare the design of parts and entire conveyor systems for the shop to build. Product engineers coordinate the production process for those parts and conveyor systems. 

Webster manufactures chains, sprockets, and vibrating equipment to meet the needs of industries around the world. We are highly specialized in the design and manufacturing of chains and conveyors. Our product engineers are at the forefront of our business, ensuring high quality designs that meet the needs of our diverse customer base. Their attention to detail ensures products are manufactured to spec in the shop.

Webster product engineers provide customers with the value-added service of application/wear analysis with design, suggestions and specifications. Product engineers spend most of their time in the office, mastering the math, completing design work, and running AutoCAD.

Process Engineers at Webster

A process engineer, on the other hand, will get their hands dirty working with maintenance staff and supervisors in the shop, identifying problems in the build process and designing solutions out of those problems. While product engineers are designing the products to be made, process engineers are designing and running continuous improvement on the entire shop’s processes. Their primary role is to enhance productivity at Webster and improve the value and quality we’re able to deliver to our customers.

Candidates for process engineering are always looking for ways to improve systems. If you don’t yet have the full training in Lean Six Sigma, you should at least grasp the concept, and we’ll work with you to give you the tools you need to make your systems improvement skills even sharper.

You’re going to be a stand-out candidate if you’re someone who wants to drive things forward. Process engineers understand the importance of sticking to customer specifications, ensuring that products are in spec, knowing which processes to focus on and how to prioritize them. Problem solving abilities are key here: process engineers need to be able to see the problem and get to the root cause, and then design out of it.

Why Join the Webster Team?

As a product or process engineer at Webster, you have a real opportunity to develop your resume and expand your capabilities. As a process engineer interested in continuous improvement, you have the chance to build processes and contribute to the overall success of the business from the ground up.

Webster Industries manufactures the parts that keep America—and the world—moving. Sprockets and chains have been around as long as the wheel has existed. Our parts are in virtually every industry around the globe. As an engineer at Webster, you will help drive the future forward.

Explore our current openings or read more about how you can advance through the ranks at Webster!

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