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A Career as a Machinist at Webster 

February 22, 2022

Manufacturing is on the rise as more and more companies seek out parts made on American soil. You can be a part of our nation’s domestic manufacturing comeback by joining the team as a machinist at Webster Industries.

How Much Do Machinists Make?

At Webster, the machinist pay range is between $15.08 and $25.26 per hour, depending on your experience. Machinists at Webster have many opportunities to increase their earning potential as they acquire more skills and experience in precision machining.

What Do Machinists Do?

If you are someone who likes work activities that are practical and hands-on, and following clear instructions to get expected outcomes, you’ll find the machinist’s job to be a good match. Machinists work with metal and machines to produce precision parts and instruments. Mathematics, mechanics, metal properties, and proper layout all come together in the machinist’s daily operations. When we say precision, we mean precision. Precision machining requires exact specifications down to the thousandth of an inch.

At Webster, our machinists begin each day setting up and operating CNC (computer numerically controlled) equipment. The machine does the manual labor for the machinist; your job is to make sure the machine is set up properly, running smoothly during its execution, and producing parts to match the customers’ specs.

We specialize in fit and finish, holding tight tolerances to help supply high quality pins, rollers, bushings, and other parts to our assembly areas along with outside customers. The parts that our machinists make are used all around the world to keep industries, from forestry to recycling and more, moving. The pride of creating high quality parts for our customers combined with Webster’s work culture in which team members create friendships and build bonds with fellow employees makes serving as a machinist at Webster a fulfilling job. 

What Kind of Training Is Required to Be a Machinist?

The qualities we look for in entry-level machinists have far more to do with attitude than experience. We look for potential machinists who have an open mind, a willingness to learn, and a desire to join the Webster team. We offer on-the-job training to individuals who are just starting out in machining, helping you learn how to read simple measuring tools, eventually training you how to set up and program CNC machines.

The demand for machinists is high at Webster. Anyone with minimal machining experience all the way up to journeymen machinists are welcome to apply.

Explore our current openings or read more about how you can advance through the ranks at Webster!

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