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Find the Weak Link in Your Recycling Process

December 28, 2021

Recycling plant operations play a critical role in waste management around the globe. The recycling industry’s hard work ensures that humanity as a whole doesn’t unnecessarily deplete our natural resources or clutter up the world with overflowing landfills with material that could have been reused or recycled for new products.

We at Webster Industries want to make sure that your work can continue uninterrupted. Whether you’re in construction and demolition, auto shredding, a dirty MRF, or a clean MRF, you need reliable equipment and resources to manage breakdowns when they inevitably occur. We encounter operational failures all of the time that could have been prevented with maintenance plans or some quick troubleshooting. 

Here are several common issues we see that may halt your recycling operations, and how to avoid them:

Impact at Load Zones

When the infeed conveyor has a maintenance issue, the most common source of the problem is impact at the load zone. You’re moving lots of material, and that material will gradually wear down your conveyor belt. Webster offers troubleshooting and belt wear analyses that can help you determine the status of your belts. We even provide free plant surveys to help diagnose efficiency issues and spot areas that might cause your business issues down the road.

Is it time to replace your belt or another part of your recycling conveyor equipment? High quality conveyors, sprockets, chains, and belts like the ones Webster provides can keep your machines up and running longer by engineering a design to combat your impact issues.

Material Caught in Enduro-Flite Hinges

As scraps move from one conveyor to another, there’s always the potential for backups if material gets caught. When this happens, it can prevent the smooth operation of your infeed conveyor, bunker conveyor, or baler conveyor. Apron and Combo-Belt allow for material to disperse across the width of the belt with minimal catch points. 

Wrong Style Belt

If mishaps and breakdowns keep occurring in your recyclable material handling, it’s possible that your conveyor is running with the wrong style of belt. Webster’s Combo-Belt or beaded Apron pans are strategically engineered for medium- to light-weight material handling. We offer sprockets with our belts, and we also offer retro-fit belts to keep your process running cost effectively.

The Webster engineering team is available to help you troubleshoot immediate conveyor issues you’re facing in the recycling industry. When something breaks down, make Webster your first call, at (800) 243-9327. We can make sure that your production line keeps moving longer and more efficiently with the best conveyor and chain equipment in place. We are readily available 24/7 - 365 days a year.

Give Webster Industries a call today or contact us now to keep your recycling equipment running.


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