Demanding Work in a Satisfying Career: Eric Hall

December 16, 2021

When Eric Hall wasn’t happy at his former job, he began to think back to places where people he loved seemed to be satisfied with their work. Eric’s mom began working at Webster Industries when he was a young child. “I used to come in during late nights and draw on her computer paper while she worked,” Eric said. If Webster seemed like a good enough place for her to make a lifelong career, Eric thought, then maybe it would be a good place for him.

Eric has been with Webster now for over 11 years, beginning his career with them in shipping and receiving. He came in with a little bit of experience, but whatever experience he lacked, Webster provided on-the-job training to get him up to speed. 

Not too long after he began, an opportunity opened up to work as a heat treat furnace operator. In his former company, Eric’s post was right next to the heat treat furnace, so he had some idea how it worked but little to no hands-on experience with the role. Again, Webster provided ample on-the-job training so that Eric could step into a new role that provided him with even more job satisfaction and compensation.

Eric’s role as a heat treat furnace operator keeps him active and engaged all day long. The job entails loading and unloading furnaces, packing baskets, hardening material to the proper specifications, and sending it along down the line. Each type of material requires different specs and temperatures to be treated appropriately. It’s a physically demanding job that suits Eric perfectly.

“I work on my own and I’m very fast paced,” he said. “I’m constantly busy, never doing anything repetitive, constantly on the move.” Not only is the activity satisfying, but it saves Eric a trip to the gym. “It keeps me in shape. I get my 10,000 steps for the day by lunchtime and I enjoy that very much.”

Eric has been working in the heat treat furnace operator role now for 10 years. Over that time, he has formed relationships with people across the organization, on the floor and in the office. 

“There are great people who work here,” Eric shared. “And their pay is very competitive, with solid benefits. The way they treat people is above the jobs I’ve had before.” Fair compensation and being treated right make a big difference between a good job and a great job. 

“I wasn’t happy at the other job, and I came here, and I’ve been happy here.”  

Job satisfaction matters.

You can find your spot at Webster and move up the ranks as well. Learn more about how Webster empowers employees to seize opportunities for advancement, and explore current openings now.

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