Advancing at Webster: Aaron Schreiner

December 14, 2021

After spending way too much time commuting to work in his previous job, Aaron Schreiner was ready to make a change and find good work closer to home. One of Aaron’s friend’s dad used to work for Webster Industries before he retired, and he always said it was a good place to work. As a Tiffin resident, working within the same community where he lived especially appealed to Aaron.

aaron schreiner, webster

Aaron currently works in the maintenance department, but before his current role, he worked in welding and built chains.

“Now, I do a little bit of everything,” Aaron shared. “Fix machines, rebuild machines, tear them apart and put them back together.” Aaron is about to begin in the Webster apprenticeship program, a four-year program that will give Aaron the background and expertise he needs to take care of a wide array of issues that can pop up at Webster. The training is free to Aaron, an investment that Webster makes in employees who are interested in advancing their careers with the company and beyond.

“Webster provides a lot of on-the-job training on an ongoing basis,” Aaron said. If you want to work and earn extra, “There’s also a lot of overtime opportunities right now.”

Beyond compensation and benefits like the ones described above, Aaron says the best part of being at Webster is the people. “Everyone seems to get along pretty well, both between the departments and inside departments.” It’s that kind of work culture that makes Webster a place you want to stay and build a career for years to come.

You can find your spot at Webster and move up the ranks as well. Learn more about how Webster empowers employees to seize opportunities for advancement, and explore current openings now.

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