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Webster Sprocket Features

March 04, 2021

Webster Sprockets are designed and manufactured per the ASME/ANSI specification. The sprocket selection and design depend on the chain and the customer’s application. Webster’s standard design utilizes low profile teeth to ensure the sprocket does not interfere with the chain and its attachments. Various material options and numerous teeth profiles, plating options and special features are available upon request. Please consult our engineering department for any special needs.

LAME HARDENED TEETH – Webster’s automated, computer controlled hardening process increases wear resistance and sprocket longevity. Our hardening process allows us to achieve precise hardness levels. All Webster sprockets have a minimum 40 Rc in all critical wear areas and utilize USA made 1045 steel plate.

WEAR LINE INDICATORS – Indicate when it is time to replace the sprockets. When the sprocket face is worn to the scribed line the sprocket needs replaced along with the chain. Wear line indicators are an easy visual tool to help guide best practices in chain sprocket and conveyor operations.

MACHINED CHAMFERED TEETH – All teeth are machine chamfered at a 15 degree angle on each side of the tooth to ensure proper chain and sprocket engagement. This reduces the likelihood of sprocket and sidebar scrubbing or improper chain engagement resulting in premature, unexpected failures.

 LOCKING HEAD FEATURE – Split sprockets come with a locking head feature which allow for ease of assembly. The hub holds the head of the bolt against its flat edge. This allows one tool and one person to easily torque the locking nut in place securing the sprocket to the shaft.

LIGHTENING HOLES – Provided on some sprockets so that weight can be reduced. Lightening holes come standard on most bucket elevator sprockets and upon customer request unless restricted by space.

LIFTING HOLE – Are positioned directly above the key and provide easy placement of a lifting strap, rod or other device to make sprocket installation easier and safer. Lifting holes are provided on all sprockets unless restricted by space.

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