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Field Assembly of Welded Steel Chains

January 15, 2021

When it comes time to assemble your welded steel chain in the field, there are a few critical things every customer needs to know.

  1. Lubricate sidebar holes with Moly-paste, 30W oil, WD40 or another type of lubricant. Place pin in chain joint to be assembled by hand as far as possible. Line up pin locking flats where applicable, tap pin with hammer to “snug-up”.
  2. Verify that the pin is being assembled from the correct side. Chains have pins that slip through the chain sidebar to the shoulder and stop under the head of the pin. This is where the press fit starts.
  3. Secure chain joint to prohibit lateral movement. Also, place a spacer bar between outer sidebars and clamp so that sidebars cannot move in relationship to each other. Press or drive pin into chain until head meets the sidebar. Pin can be installed with portable hydraulic press or driven in with a sledge hammer.
  4. Depending the construction of your chain you will follow the steps below to complete the installation of your chain.

Cottered Construction

  1. Install cotter with hammer and bend end enough to secure cotter in hole.
  2. The pin drilled for a cotter can also be riveted.

Riveted Construction

  1. Heat end of pin with rosebud or torch, pin end must be red in color, rivet pin end with portable hydraulic press or peen over with a hammer.
  2. If the chain does not flex freely, hit head end and rivet end alternately with hammer to establish clearance.

The integrity of press fits must be maintained. Grinding of pins or modifying sidebar pin holes will void the warranty!

Check out the links below for a step-by-step video tutorial of the assembly process.

Cottered Construction:

Riveted Contruction:

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