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Why Choose a Vibrating Conveyor Over a Belt Conveyor?

May 21, 2020

Is your belt conveyor causing you a headache?

Are you experiencing belt degradation?


Is heat effecting your belt?

Are you experiencing material spillage?


Webster has a solution for you!

All of these issues may be the result of using the wrong conveyor for your application. Let Webster help you save in material cost and maintenance time by replacing your belt conveyor with a Webster vibrating conveyor.

Our vibrating conveyors are heavy-duty, highly durable systems that are configured with a broad range of capabilities for the most demanding applications. Abrasive material conveyed in a harsh environments can cause PVC/rubber belts to wear at an exponential rate. Hot material or other conveying equipment can cause belt degradation, which results in premature failures. The steel pans on a vibrating conveyor are manufactured to be wear-resistant and can readily handle hot, abrasive materials. Additionally, there is the option for liners to increase pan thickness in specific locations, which make vibrating conveyors an excellent alternative.

Belt conveyors are manufactured with a return track, which allows material to spill onto the floor. Vibrating conveyors are the solution to this problem because they are engineered with a simple construction to ensure a smooth, continuous trough. Placing covers on the conveyor is another option that Webster offers to eliminate spillage.

In addition to being more durable and spill-resistant, vibrating conveyors have the ability to sort different size materials and discharge them in multiple directions, require minimal lubrication and can accommodate spaces where there is a small amount of headroom. For years, Webster vibrating conveyors have been a problem-solver and exceeded customers’ expectations in comparison to belt conveyors.

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